JSON – Simplified

JSON – Java Script Object Notation

  • Lightweight Syntax for storing and exchanging data across web-services
  • Alternative to XML
  • Language Independent – Data is of text format
  • Self-describing and easy to understand
  • Javascript  functions can be used to convert JSON objects to Javascript objects
  • JSON are shorter
  • Use Arrays
  • Faster for AJAX applications
  • Syntax
    • Data is represented as name/value pairs
    • Data is separated by commas
    • Curly braces hold the data   { “firstName”: “John”,  “lastName”:” Doe”}
    • Square brackets hold arrays  { “cars” : [ {“model”:”BMW”,    “series” : ” Q-Series” }, {“model”:”Audi”, “series” : ” Z-series” } ]
  • File type — ” .json”
  • MIME Type  —  “application/json”

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