Agile vs Waterfall

Waterfall is …

  1.  Sequential
  2. Structured
  3. END-END Software Development Lifecycle
  4. Does not accommodate frequent changes to requirements
  5. Requirements to be frozen before design and implementation begins
  6. No frequent interaction with Customer


  1. Poor Quality – When projects runs out of time then Testing Phase is usually compromised leading to poor quality
  2. Poor Visibility –  Features are not fully developed until the end of the cycle.
  3. Risky
    1. Schedule Risk – Cant predict if we will finish it on time
    2. Technical Risk – Testing is only done at the end.  No way to know if the implementation is gonna work beforehand
    3. Requirement Change – Expensive and not designed to handle  frequent changes.

Agile is …

  1. Flexible
  2. Many small projects
  3. Suited for projects who’s requirement keep changing
  4. Involves customers at all stage
  5. Iterative
  6. Better Quality – As testing can be done from day one
  7. Better visibility –  If you have progressed 50% then it means feature is also at 50%
  8. Reduced Risk – Feed-backs are provided by everyone including customers frequently
  9. Frequent Changes are accommodated with no or less  impact



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