Agile – Explained

Agile is

  •  Iterative approach to product delivery.
  • Projects are broken down into user stories.
  • Prioritization and continuous delivery called – Iterations


  • User Stories
    • Requirements gathered from customer/stake holders
  • Estimation
    • Relative estimation as requirements are not finalized and to be accommodated incrementally
  • Iterations
    • Every iterations is a mini Software life cycle.
    • Each iterations are called Sprints.  It involves Analysis, design , coding , testing and commitment
    • Every Sprint act as a mini release and this is visible to the stake holders for their review
  • Planning
    • Prioritizing user stories for each Sprint
    • To-do list contain the Master list  which in turn contains the user stories
    • Team Velocity – Speed at which user stories are implemented into working feature . It is also used for measuring team’s performance  and for setting expected delivery dates for the Master List


  • Burndown Charts
    • Used to convey how fast the user stories are getting delivered
    • The chart displays the total effort on the Y-axis and  team velocity on the X-axis
    • Conveys
      • Work done each iteration
      • Work remaining
      • Total work done so far
      • Expected time  of delivery
    • Projects the actual picture of the project progression
    • Shows Impact of decision
    • Early warning if things are not working out as per the plan



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