Constraints of REST API

REST is based on set of constraints and they are

  1. Client-Server
    1. Client and Server should be separate and distinct
  2. Stateless Server
    1. Server does not maintain any session state. The client is responsible for it and the client should send all relevant information as part of the request to the Server
  3. Cache-able
    1. The  response from the server should be cachable by the client. The server can decide if the response can be cached by setting options in the response.
  4. Uniform Interface
    1. There is uniform interface between client and the server
  5. Layered System
    1.  Should allowed layered topology such as load balancers, proxies (reverse/forward) , firewalls etc
  6. Code-On-Demand
    1. Client should be able to request code from server and extend it

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