Bare Metal vs HyPervisor


Bare Metal is a computer with only hardware and no Software installed.  It is used in Enterprise computing environments. It is usually shipped with the required processor, motherboard , hard disks etc. It is also called a “Single Tenant Physical Server”. It serves only single Client.  The server though can be used by multiple users but can serve only one dedicated Customer.

Virtual Machines are installed directly on the bare metal instead of on the hosted Operating system.


Hypervisor is a software which is capable of creating and running Virtual Machines. A computer on which the Hypervisor runs VM’s are called Hosts. And the VMs are called guest machines. The hosts are usually the BareMetal. There are 2 types of Hypervisor

  1. Type 1 or Bare-Metal Hypervisor –  It usually runs directly on the baremetal
  2. Type 2 Hypervisor – Runs on top of OS installed on the baremetal



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