Difference – SOA Vs Microservice


  • Integrates different applications as set of services
  • Heavy-weight
  • Uses ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)  software architectural model for communication between applications in SOA
  • Intelligent Communication Layer
  • WS*/SOAP
  • Integrate Legacy softwares
  • Small changes also require full rebuild, test and deploy
  • Impact analysis is huge
  • Not feasible for frequent changes and deployments
  • Adapting new technology will result in rewrite
  • Scaling is a challenge
    • Horizontal Scaling
    • Vertical Scaling
    • Data Scaling


  • Architect a single application as set of services
  • Light-weight
  • Dumb Communication Layer
  • Architect new business platform
  • Scaling
    • Functional Scaling
    • Team Scaling

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